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"I kind of love that Blue Bloods has an Eff Yeah Tumblr, whatever that is. I'm all for it!" -Melissa de la Cruz

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Paris Playlist


1. Paris (Aeroplane Remix) – Friendly Fires
2. 1901 – Phoenix
3. Good Love – Bat For Lashes
4. Electric Chapel (Two Door Cinema Club Remix) – Lady GaGa
5. Valentine – Justice
6. Young Blood – The Naked And Famous
7. Alive – Daft Punk
8. The City Limits – Umbrellas
9. Paris Is Burning – St. Vincent
10. This Fire – Franz Ferdinand

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piercedveilsandcats asked: how did you do your header on your theme?? ^^^

I had an awesome follower do it for me and I just placed the url on the blog’s settings :)

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bluebloodsinthecity asked: Hey, can you promote my role play? It's for Blue Bloods the book, and I need people to join. (:

Of course. I’ll be promoting soon :) 

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perquisitesofinfamy asked: ooh I'm so excited to find another Blue Bloods related blog! I thought there was only Veritas Venators and Our blood is blue (which is mine so...)

Awesome. Glad that you’re excited :D